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Monty Python's Spamalot

20th - 23rd February 2019

Memorial Court, Northwich, Mid Cheshire

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Monty Python's

An hilarious musical, lovingly ripped-off from the movie; Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

Set somewhere in England, sometime in the middle ages, King Arthur roams his kingdom recruiting Knights of the Round Table to join him at Camelot (not the now-defunct theme park off the M6).

He is accompanied by his faithful man-servant, Patsy - who also provides the sound of the king's horse's hooves with a set of coconut shells.

Along the way, they will meet The Knights that say "Ni", search for a shrubbery and experience the danger of exploding rabbits - all backed by a catalogue of boisterous tunes by Eric Idle; songs that are as much about parodying other musicals  as they are about moving the plot - such that it is - along!

Direction and Choreography is by award-winning Joanna Chatt, with Musical Direction from Ian Sherwood.


Autumn 2019

Northwich, Mid Cheshire

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